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How to speed clean your home

Home CleaningHome cleaning is a pretty time consuming task, and it would be pretty normal if at least once a week you wish there is an easier and quicker way to take care of all responsibilities that are related to it. Well, what if we tell you that there actually is?

All that you need to do is be prepared, and the way to be prepared is to follow the simple tips that are listed below:

  • First and foremost, get all your cleaning supplies in order. All products and tools, including mops, cloths etc. are to be stored at one place, so that whenever you need something you are going to know where to get it from quickly and without much hassle.
  • Make sure that you actually have everything that you need, including products for window and floor cleaning, polishers and general purpose detergents, so that you do not have to run to the store every time you decide that you need something.
  • Forget about the broom. Brooms are classic, but they are not much effective when you have your floors covered by carpets, and they can damage wood floors is used to remove more aggressive dirt and dust. Switch thoroughly to a vacuum cleaner and you will definitely safe time and much energy.
  • Closely related to the tip above is the surface that you can cover with your vacuum cleaner without having to switch electric sockets. Getting an extension cable is a great way to reduce the hassle while vacuuming your household.
  • Do not pay attention to the little things. This may sound like a sacrilege, but the purpose of the whole endeavour is to finish with your house clean faster, isn’t? So, just skip wiping all little souvenirs that you collect on the mantelpiece, as well as dusting the books every week – you can do that once a month and you are still going to get very satisfactory results either way.
  • Do not hesitate to use do-it-yourself solutions when needed. Research some homemade recipes on the internet, and learn how you can employ lemons, baking soda and other useful and powerful solutions in your cleaning routines.
  • Tailoring a cleaning pattern and plan that you stick to every time you are going through the routine of home cleaning is a great way to make the process a lot more hassle-free. Once you know what each next step you have to take is, you begin to do the job much quicker and effectively. Start by making a checklist of all the things you need to get done and then simply follow it without interruptions. After a couple of weeks you will no longer need the list.
  • Do not let your household become cluttered. Put everything in its right place after you are finished using it and do not wait for your cleaning day to come in order to de-clutter, because the whole process eats up much time and energy that you might much better invest elsewhere.

That is how you properly take care of your wooden floors

Wood Floor CleaningWooden floors are branded as very easy to maintain. Yet again, many people struggle to achieve optimal results in hard wood floor cleaning. If you are among those people, do not despair – chances are that you are simply not acquainted with the right strategies to employ in this otherwise hassle-free task.

Just follow the tips that we have taken the time to gather below, and you will no longer have problems.

First and foremost you should get the right tools and products. Most cleaning products that are to be found in your local supermarket should do the trick. A vacuum cleaner and a proper mop, as well as several cloths if there are stains to be taken care of would be all else that you are going to need.

  • What you have to do first is vacuum the floor carefully so that there are no dirt, dust and other particles on the wood that would prevent you from getting the job of floor cleaning done properly. It is not advisory to use a broom for the purpose of removing gravel and dirt because it can very easily scratch and damage the wood.
  • A flat mop with a proper microfiber cloth as an attachment would be the optimal tool for carrying out your hardwood floor cleaning. The combination of a high quality mop and the proper cleaning product for your type of wood floor (read the label carefully so that you can rest assured you have picked this one up) is going to guarantee that you no longer have problems with cleaning your floors.
  • Remember not to use too much water, because moisture may cause the wood to deform.
  • Leave the floors to dry. You are finished.

Yes, it is just as simple as it sounds. Keeping your wood floors in a good condition any time of the day and night is a hassle and strain free endeavour that you can totally do on your own. Using professional wood floor cleaning services is justified mostly when you get a full household or deep cleaning service.

One last thing that you should keep in mind if you want to have shining floors is that the actual “shine” of the wood comes from its specific finish. The finish, however, wears down with time – the higher the traffic, the faster the wear. Once this happens, your floors begin to look worn down too. Fortunately, that does not mean you are going to have to replace your floors. All that is actually required from you is to re-finish the floors. You can get finish and wax from your local supermarket and apply them on your own. Just carefully clean the surface following the tips described above and then apply the finish and the wax keeping up with the instructions on the package. If for some reason you do not feel up to the task, that is the moment you can call for professional hardwood floor cleaning services from your local contractor.

How to clean a basement

Basement CleaningAccording to several studies the dirtiest room in a household is the basement. The main reason behind this the fact is that most people neglect the cleaning of their basement and allow useless and unnecessary items to pile up throughout the years. If your basement has become a room full of dust, dirt, cobwebs and old items then you must do something before things reach the point of no return.

The easiest way to clear the clutter from your basement and clean it is to use professional cleaning services. By doing so you won’t invest any of your personal time into the cleaning of your basement. If you are worried that this approach may be too costly, don’t be because nowadays many cleaning companies provide their cleaning services at highly affordable prices.

On the other hand if you prefer to clean and clear your basement on your own, you should commence by removing the bulky items from it. You goal is to open as much space as you can, in order to gain access to the hard to reach areas of the room. Once you have removed the bulky items you will be able to see and asses more easily, how dirty and cluttered your basement is.

Now it is time to remove the smaller items from your basement. While you are emptying your basement, sort your items into three piles. One for the objects that you will keep, one for the objects that are in good condition but you don’t need and one for the objects that you will throw away. Once you have sorted your belongings, take the items from the second pile to a charity organization and donate them. This way you will remove the clutter from your basement and do a good deed at the same time.

Now that your basement is empty, start the cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt from the shelves and counters of your basement. Then vacuum the floor with your vacuum cleaner and make sure that you turn extra attention to the corners and the areas that are underneath the shelving and counters of your basement. Next check the walls for mildew and mold stains. It is very important that you remove the mold and mildew before you start rearranging the content of your basement. You can remove mold and mildew by using a commercial remover.

End the basement cleaning by organizing the items that you will return to the basement. For instance you can keep the tools together in one corner of the room and the memorabilia in another corner.

How to clean a pantry

Pantry cleaningThe pantry is amongst the most important rooms of a household. It is like this because of the fact that people store their foods in the panty. This is why it is of empirical importance that the pantry in a household is always clean and free of dust, germs and other types of harmful particles. If you own a pantry and you aren’t sure how you must clean it, keep reading as we have listed down a four step tutorial which you can use.

Before we present to you our tutorial we will advise you to use cleaning services if you aren’t confident enough that you will be able to handle the task or if you don’t have the necessary time to properly clean your pantry. You can find the contact details of numerous cleaning companies by going through the yellow pages and the advertisement sections of your local newspapers.

Now begin the pantry cleaning by emptying the content of the room. You must do so in order to have better access to the deeper parts of the shelves and more importantly in order to see the extend of the dust and dirt that you must remove. While you are emptying the content of your panty check the expiration dates of your perishable foods and throw away all foods that have gone beyond their expiration dates.

Next get a soft clean towel and damp it in warm water. Use the towel to properly clean the shelves of your pantry. If the dust is too much, first vacuum the shelves with your vacuum cleaners to remove as much dust and dirt as you can. Turn extra attention to the corners while you are removing the dust manually as it is these areas that accumulate the most dust and harmful particles.

Now that you have cleaned the shelving of your pantry, rearrange the content of your pantry by organizing it in various categories. For example keep the spices together in one section of your pantry, the beans and rice in another, the canned food in a separate section and so on. By categorizing the content of your pantry you will be able to find more easily the foods that you need and therefore keep the clutter to a minimum.

Also once a year call professional cleaners to come and clean your entire household including your pantry. You must do so because regardless of the fact how well and how often you clean your home and pantry, there are harmful particles which you cannot remove without professional assistance.

As you can see maintaining a clean pantry isn’t as hard as you think, so turn up your sleeves and get the job done.

Microfiber Damage

Microfiber DamageAlthough microfiber cleaning equipment is more durable and hardwearing than some other materials out there, it is not indestructible and requires specific care in order to get the most mileage out of it. The following tips and advice will be particularly helpful to cleaning services providers who have made a full switch to microfiber cleaning equipment. Microfiber will be damaged irreversibly by exposure to chlorine and bleach. The flexibility and absorption properties of the material will be literally burnt away by such chemicals.

Fabric softeners are the other big enemy of microfiber. Fabric softeners usually contain a decent amount of silicone. Silicone clogs the spaces between the microfiber strands and reduces its electrostatic properties i.e. the cloth or pad will not pick up dust and dirt as effectively. Silicone also tends to build up in microfiber thus reducing its flexibility and overall cleaning power. Extreme heat will definitely damage microfiber, but cleaners like Cleaners Putney probably know this already. There are also visual signs that give good indication as to whether or not microfiber cleaning equipment is deteriorating and due for replacement. When inspecting microfiber cleaning pads for damage, look at the back side of the pad and check if the Velcro is in good nick. If the Velcro backing is stuffed with lint and fibres, or has lost its sticking properties due to dry heat i.e. it has become untangled and scruffy then chances are that particular cleaning pad is to be replaced with new one. Microfiber mops and dust mops usually withstand more beating than cloths but they too fall victim to wear and tear eventually.

Damage is usually displayed by fraying around edges, also fringes of the cleaning pad will begin to come apart. Usually, microfiber itself outlasts the other materials and components used in making the particular piece of equipment. In order to get the most use and cost efficiency out of microfiber, professional cleaners should simply go for quality products. Indeed, good quality microfiber will cost more, but the returns on the investment are not to be ignored.

Generally, a microfiber piece of cleaning equipment of good quality should contain either percent polyester and twenty percent polyamide, or seventy percent to thirty percent respectively. Cleaning services providers who are looking to purchase the most suitable type of microfiber should look at characteristics like number of wash cycles, wear resistance cycles, abrasiveness factor, water absorbency as well as water release.