How to clean a basement

Basement CleaningAccording to several studies the dirtiest room in a household is the basement. The main reason behind this the fact is that most people neglect the cleaning of their basement and allow useless and unnecessary items to pile up throughout the years. If your basement has become a room full of dust, dirt, cobwebs and old items then you must do something before things reach the point of no return.

The easiest way to clear the clutter from your basement and clean it is to use professional cleaning services. By doing so you won’t invest any of your personal time into the cleaning of your basement. If you are worried that this approach may be too costly, don’t be because nowadays many cleaning companies provide their cleaning services at highly affordable prices.

On the other hand if you prefer to clean and clear your basement on your own, you should commence by removing the bulky items from it. You goal is to open as much space as you can, in order to gain access to the hard to reach areas of the room. Once you have removed the bulky items you will be able to see and asses more easily, how dirty and cluttered your basement is.

Now it is time to remove the smaller items from your basement. While you are emptying your basement, sort your items into three piles. One for the objects that you will keep, one for the objects that are in good condition but you don’t need and one for the objects that you will throw away. Once you have sorted your belongings, take the items from the second pile to a charity organization and donate them. This way you will remove the clutter from your basement and do a good deed at the same time.

Now that your basement is empty, start the cleaning by removing all the dust and dirt from the shelves and counters of your basement. Then vacuum the floor with your vacuum cleaner and make sure that you turn extra attention to the corners and the areas that are underneath the shelving and counters of your basement. Next check the walls for mildew and mold stains. It is very important that you remove the mold and mildew before you start rearranging the content of your basement. You can remove mold and mildew by using a commercial remover.

End the basement cleaning by organizing the items that you will return to the basement. For instance you can keep the tools together in one corner of the room and the memorabilia in another corner.