How to clean a pantry

Pantry cleaningThe pantry is amongst the most important rooms of a household. It is like this because of the fact that people store their foods in the panty. This is why it is of empirical importance that the pantry in a household is always clean and free of dust, germs and other types of harmful particles. If you own a pantry and you aren’t sure how you must clean it, keep reading as we have listed down a four step tutorial which you can use.

Before we present to you our tutorial we will advise you to use cleaning services if you aren’t confident enough that you will be able to handle the task or if you don’t have the necessary time to properly clean your pantry. You can find the contact details of numerous cleaning companies by going through the yellow pages and the advertisement sections of your local newspapers.

Now begin the pantry cleaning by emptying the content of the room. You must do so in order to have better access to the deeper parts of the shelves and more importantly in order to see the extend of the dust and dirt that you must remove. While you are emptying the content of your panty check the expiration dates of your perishable foods and throw away all foods that have gone beyond their expiration dates.

Next get a soft clean towel and damp it in warm water. Use the towel to properly clean the shelves of your pantry. If the dust is too much, first vacuum the shelves with your vacuum cleaners to remove as much dust and dirt as you can. Turn extra attention to the corners while you are removing the dust manually as it is these areas that accumulate the most dust and harmful particles.

Now that you have cleaned the shelving of your pantry, rearrange the content of your pantry by organizing it in various categories. For example keep the spices together in one section of your pantry, the beans and rice in another, the canned food in a separate section and so on. By categorizing the content of your pantry you will be able to find more easily the foods that you need and therefore keep the clutter to a minimum.

Also once a year call professional cleaners to come and clean your entire household including your pantry. You must do so because regardless of the fact how well and how often you clean your home and pantry, there are harmful particles which you cannot remove without professional assistance.

As you can see maintaining a clean pantry isn’t as hard as you think, so turn up your sleeves and get the job done.