That is how you properly take care of your wooden floors

Wood Floor CleaningWooden floors are branded as very easy to maintain. Yet again, many people struggle to achieve optimal results in hard wood floor cleaning. If you are among those people, do not despair – chances are that you are simply not acquainted with the right strategies to employ in this otherwise hassle-free task.

Just follow the tips that we have taken the time to gather below, and you will no longer have problems.

First and foremost you should get the right tools and products. Most cleaning products that are to be found in your local supermarket should do the trick. A vacuum cleaner and a proper mop, as well as several cloths if there are stains to be taken care of would be all else that you are going to need.

  • What you have to do first is vacuum the floor carefully so that there are no dirt, dust and other particles on the wood that would prevent you from getting the job of floor cleaning done properly. It is not advisory to use a broom for the purpose of removing gravel and dirt because it can very easily scratch and damage the wood.
  • A flat mop with a proper microfiber cloth as an attachment would be the optimal tool for carrying out your hardwood floor cleaning. The combination of a high quality mop and the proper cleaning product for your type of wood floor (read the label carefully so that you can rest assured you have picked this one up) is going to guarantee that you no longer have problems with cleaning your floors.
  • Remember not to use too much water, because moisture may cause the wood to deform.
  • Leave the floors to dry. You are finished.

Yes, it is just as simple as it sounds. Keeping your wood floors in a good condition any time of the day and night is a hassle and strain free endeavour that you can totally do on your own. Using professional wood floor cleaning services is justified mostly when you get a full household or deep cleaning service.

One last thing that you should keep in mind if you want to have shining floors is that the actual “shine” of the wood comes from its specific finish. The finish, however, wears down with time – the higher the traffic, the faster the wear. Once this happens, your floors begin to look worn down too. Fortunately, that does not mean you are going to have to replace your floors. All that is actually required from you is to re-finish the floors. You can get finish and wax from your local supermarket and apply them on your own. Just carefully clean the surface following the tips described above and then apply the finish and the wax keeping up with the instructions on the package. If for some reason you do not feel up to the task, that is the moment you can call for professional hardwood floor cleaning services from your local contractor.